4 Pillars Holistic Health

The Four Pillars of Holistic Health

Movement, Nutrition, Renewal + Contentment Holistic Lifestyle Coaching differs from other fitness and wellness programs because its goes beyond the realm of the physical to bring balance to all aspects of your life. Together, we will not only address energetic blockages in the body, but also the mind and spirit as well. How? Using your customized […]

Holistic Lifestyle

What is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching? Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) is grounded in the philosophy that your overall wellbeing is a unique combination of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health. Unlike traditional fitness regimens, which typically address only the physical aspects of your health, HLC is “holistic”—it’s designed to help you bring all areas of your […]

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Corrective Exercise

One of the main reasons we experience pain, discomfort or poor performance is because of postural or movement faulty patterns. From repetitive motions on a sport or sitting for long hours every day we develop weakness and asymmetry in the body that creates muscle imbalances. Most common areas of pain, tightness and imbalances are: Low […]

Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Many times low back pain can be solved with a simple and sound exercise program that includes mobility, flexibility and a strength plan. Common causes of low back pain: Poor core function/strength Postural fault patterns Digestive stress related to food sensitivities Muscle imbalances Muscle tissues/fascia overload by improper exercises Disc Herniation or degeneration Connective tissue […]

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Sports Performance

As a recreational, serious or professional athlete, you thrive to excel in your training, competitions or races. You are in the zone when your body and mind are connected as one. You feel strong, fast, feisty and most importantly, you don’t have an injury limiting your performance and joy. As we all know, any sport […]